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Dispatches Quotables

This is not a sane way to grow up.

-District of Columbia public-school teacher SUSIE KAY, quoted by The Washington Times discussing the dangers of going to school in the inner city. She said, "There is an unwritten creed that making it to graduation day alive is, in itself, a victory.... This year alone, I have attended the funerals of three of my graduating 1995 seniors."

It is not true that I'm supporting Bob Dole because I'll get to ride in the front of Air Force One.

-House Speaker NEWT GINGRICH, in a speech during the radio and television correspondents' dinner.

I challenge them to excommunicate me. This may end up in some court if they would proceed to do that.

-RANDY MOODY, a Catholic who serves on the boards of Planned Parenthood of Lincoln (Nebraska) and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, on his bishop's threat to excommunicate church members for joining pro-abortion and right-to-die groups.

There is more to abortion than abortion.

-Pro-life Washington Post columnist NAT HENTOFF, on the 9th Circuit Appeals Court ruling in a right-to-die case. Mr. Hentoff recalled a conversation long ago with euthanasia activist Derek Humphry, in which Mr. Humphry pointed to his inspiration for the right-to-die legal theory: "The doors began to open for me and my ideas once a wonderful thing happened-Roe v. Wade."

To believe that a person's race controls his point of view is to stereotype him.

-Federal judge JERRY SMITH, writing the majority opinion for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a case striking down race-based admissions programs at the University of Texas law school.

I'm glad to see this. Those of us trying to run decent businesses don't want this kind of thing going on.

-Mike Burford, owner of Ed's Notorious Underground Tattoos and Body Piercing shop in Austin, Texas, commenting on a police raid of a tanning parlor that led to the arrest of three women on prostitution charges.

Mr. Babbitt cites Noah as his inspiration, but Noah was no bureaucrat. Noah did not seize anyone's property to build the ark, nor did he tax anyone to finance the operation. The supreme irony is that if Noah were alive today, he would be put in jail under the [Endangered Species Act] for capturing and transporting endangered species without a federal permit.

-MARLO LEWIS JR., executive director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, writing in The Washington Times about the efforts of Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and the Evangelical Environmental Network to make a theological case for continuation of the Endangered Species Act.